Featured Product: Multiflex-P

MULTIFLEX-P is a polyurethane, high flex, heavy-duty, oil-resistant, halogen-free, continuous flex multi-conductor drag chain cable.  It is designed for use in the machine tool industry, robotics, machine production and drag chains where high flexibility is essential. It is suitable for use in permanent flexing and stationary applications under high mechanical stress with free movements in dry, damp or wet areas.  These halogen-free cables offer optimum service life and an expanded temperature range commonly found in movable automated machine parts, cable tracks and multi-shift operations.  It is best used for applications that require extreme bending stress and smallest bending radius possible with long travel distances.

The rugged PUR jacket offers high abrasion, tear resistance and adhesion-free qualities along with good chemical resistance to coolants and mineral oils.  Outdoor installation is permitted due to the weather, ozone and UV-resistant outer jacket.

Multiflex-P  is The Mueller Group’s 240 Series. We stock various constructions 16 through 20 AWG.  Download the spec here and contact The Mueller Group to request a quote.


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