Featured Product: SIWO-KUL

Si – Silicone Rubber Insulation 
W – Temperature Resistant
O – Oil Resistant
K – Overall Protective Braid
UL – Varnish Coating over Braid

SIWO-KUL is a very flexible single core connection cable.  It is manufactured in the voltage range of 1.1kV, 3.3-4.2kV, 6.6-7.2kV and 13.8-15.0kV.  The operating temperature  for continuous service extends from -55º C up to +180º C.  The different voltages of SIWO-KUL cables are signified by the color of the overall varnished protective braid.  1.1kV is yellow, 3.3-4.2kV is red, 6.6-7.2kV is gray and 13.8-15.0kV is black.

The use of silicone rubber, a high grade corona resistant insulation material, gives the cable excellent dielectric strength.  The braided synthetic yarn cove ring, which is applied directly over the insulation, gives the cable excellent  mechanical protection by maintaining good flexibility. The varnishing of the braiding results in good anti-friction properties, high abrasion resistance and excellent chemical resistance against transformer oil, light fuel oils and most types of cleaning agents.

SIWO-KUL cables are Low Smoke, Halogen Free cables.  Under the influence of flames, the silicone rubber reduces to silicone oxide, which is an excellent electrical insulator.  Because of this chemical reaction, a relatively long functional endurance under fire conditions can be achieved.

SIWO-KUL carries an array of approvals and ratings including, but not limited to UL, AWM, & CSA.  They are also in compliance with RoHS, WEE, & REACH.  Siwo-Kul cables carry TYPE Approval certificates by Llyod’s Registry and as per Bureau Veritas Marine Division and classification rules as a medium/high voltage cable and high temperature connection cable for use in ship building.

The Mueller Group  carries a range of sizes in all voltages. The different sizes are our 620, 621, 622, & 623 Series.  

 Click here to download the spec for this product line and call or email The Mueller Group for a quote.

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