Cyber Security

One of the most important aspects of The Mueller Group is our dependability.  We pride ourselves on being reliable people that are able to help find solutions to our customer’s applications.  In today’s business world, that is not just a reflection of our work ethic and high standards that we hold, but also a testament to the technology we employ to provide accurate, quality, and consistent service.

One issue that we have experienced with our technology is that we have extremely secure Firewall and Anti-Virus software. This will sometimes flags incoming messages as Spam or strips the message of its content. The most common reason that this happens is if there is a  large attachment or picture files (JPG) embedded into the message, most commonly in the form of larger corporate email signatures.

We understand that this can be a huge inconvenience for our customers.  However, the heightened security we have on our computer equipment is necessary to provide the reliable service you have come to depend on.  A recent article in Automation World claimed that SAB Miller (the global brewer who had a worm attack their control system last fall) lost $11 Million in the 4 hours that they were down.  While The Mueller Group is not on the scale of SAB Miller, we are not willing to expose ourselves to the threats lurking in unknown email attachments and large files.

We ask for your patience and help with this situation.  If there is any unnecessary embedded images or attachments in your emails, we do ask that you please remove them, especially when time is a concern.

The article referenced in this post is from Automation World’s March 2012 issue, “Control System Security.”


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