Featured Product: H05Z-K / H07Z-K

H05Z-K/H07Z-K is a standard harmonized halogen-free European, flexible single- conductor lead wire available in a variety of colors.

This class-5, lead wire is recommended for wiring of lighting fixtures, appliances and units where valuable assets are to be protected from future damage of fire, smoke and corrosive gas.  H05Z-K/H07Z-K is designed for the internal wiring of switchboards and distributor boards with working voltage of up to 750 volts.  Due to the low smoke, zero halogen nature of the product, it is suitable to be installed on, in or beneath plaster and in closed installation ducts.

The Mueller Group  carries 20, 18 &17 AWG as H05Z-K (300/500v) and 16 AWG & larger as H07Z-K (450/750v).  Both are part of our 320 Series.

Click here to download the spec for this product line and call or email
The Mueller Group for a quote.

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