Using the eCatalog – Part 2

We hope that everyone has had a chance to check out our new eCatalog, accessible from our homepage and in our menu bar.  A few weeks ago we wrote about how to navigate through the eCatolog more efficiently, now we want to share with you some of the additional tools our eCatalog offers.

Bookmarks – This feature allows to you insert a message to yourself the next time you check The Mueller Group eCatalog.  The message is saved on the page that it was written and appears as a colored box on the border of the catalog.  (Note: Saving is based on each users cookie settings.)

PDF – This allows you to download a single sheet out of the catalog or an entire section.  You are able to decide what you need.  Once downloaded you can save the file to your computer for future reference.

Print – Allows you to select a page(s) to print out.  Clicking this button opens a window that asks if the right or left page is to be printed or you have the option to select a page range.

Help – this button takes you to ePaper Flip’s website.  On this page they provide you with a detailed description of each button or tool and how it is best used.

If you have a question about The Mueller Group’s eCatalog, or are having any problems, please contact us.  We are happy to help all of our customers in their wire & cable needs.


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