Being Green in Wire & Cable

As we’ve talked about before, choosing the insulation and jacket material is a crucial part of the cable selection process.  But as cables are being improved, there are more options and considerations to be made.

In a recent Assembly Magazine article, cable insulation was the topic, with a ‘Green’ focus.  Cable insulation not only needs to be able to stand up to conductors of higher voltage, but also needs to be compliant with new standards and expectations of being environmentally friendly during and especially at the end of it’s life.  While many applications require low smoke, halogen free insulation, it is more difficult to recycle and dispose of.  On the other hand, the common jacket material, PVC, is very easy to recycle.  However, it contains halogens and releases hazardous chemicals when burned.  There are now several companies that are developing new materials that are safe while in use and easily recycled at the end of the cable life.

Over the next few years, the industry will see an increase in lighter, more efficient, and ‘Greener’ materials.  As this becomes more and more of a standard, look to The Mueller Group to be your provider of environmentally friendly European Wire & Cable.  In the meantime, we are happy to provide you with the same quality products and service you have come to expect from us.

To read the full article from October 2011 Assembly Magazine, click here.


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