Using the eCatalog – Part 1

The Mueller Group has just released our eCatalog and we are very excited about the positive reaction we have had to it!  But, we do want to make sure that everyone is using it in the best way possible.  So here is a quick run down of what we think are the most useful navigating features.

Table of Contents – This brings you back to page 5.  On this page is the Table of Contents which enables you to click on the section you are looking for and jump directly to it.

Page Links – There are also many links inserted onto every page.  On the bottom of each page there is a “Contact The Mueller Group” page link and one to email the sales staff directly.  Another useful link is accessed by clicking the colored tab on each page. That takes you to the Table of Contents for that section.  Once there you can review all the items in the section.

Links are built into each section’s Table of Contents page.  Click on either the category or page # to jump ahead to that page.

Search Bar – Know what you’re looking for? Type in an item name and it will be identified at every use in the site. The left side panel will pop out & display the thumbnails of each page. In the document, the keyword will also be highlighted in yellow.  EX: Searching “WEEE” is displayed on page 4 twice and once on page 210.

If you have a question about The Mueller Group’s eCatalog, or are having any problems, please contact us.  We are happy to help all of our customers in their wire & cable needs.


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