What is Low Smoke, Zero Halogen Cable?

Having a cable that is low smoke, zero halogen is common in many European applications.  It seems like a simple requirement to have, but why is it necessary?  Let’s first start with what is a halogen?  It is a class of chemical element that is highly reactive.  The elements that are most commonly found in wire and cable are chlorine, fluorine, and bromine and are used as an additive in the jacket. In the presence of fire, the wire and cables release hazardous gases that that can cause serious health problems and in large doses lead to death.

The original application for Low Smoke, Zero Halogen products was on offshore marine platforms and shipboards due to the confined spaces.  This is why they are more popular in Europe; where the distance between a manufacturing facility and local village is not very far.  Should there be a fire at the facility with halogen cables present, the entire village can feel the effects.

While there are obvious reasons that low smoke, zero halogen cables are necessary, they do have some drawbacks.  The largest is that they need to be replaced more often due to a higher rate of cracking and are more susceptible to water and oil absorption.

The Mueller Group stocks and has access to a number of cables in various constructions that are available low smoke and halogen free.  Let us help you determine the correct cable for your application.


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